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The purpose of this site is to share resources, short-cuts, code snippets, how-to's and hacks about IT topics to like minded geeks. 

PLease feel free to use them as necessary.

Know your topics

The topics listed have been built and compiled according to my work experience. If you feel that any content is incorrect, please feel free to contact me and I will update them accordingly.

Not all topics have been published. Content will be updated and published as time permits.

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Cheetah Automation Framework

GitHub URL:


Learn how I tackle everyday challenges and enable automation that helps make the lives of my colleagues easier. Learn more about DevOps and its principles. Feel free to reuse and contribute.

JavaLearn and Understand the basic and advanced principles and concepts in Java Software Development.
Test AutomationLearn how to develop a test automation framework using Cucumber, Selenium, Appium, WebDrivers, Junit, TestNG
AndroidLearn and understnds the concepts of Android app development.
TravelSome insights into my hobbies

Ideas and upcoming topics

  •  Ansible
  •  Docker
  •  Java Updates
  •  Mobile Development


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